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Develop and deploy the next generation productivity tools and programs that enable anyone easy access to computer based services, information and knowledge from anywhere, with or without a computer, using simple, state-of-the-art man-machine interfaces and the latest software agent technology.

Target Markets

Three target audiences: general computer and internet users; small businesses and departments that need to distribute user requested, dynamic, real-time information with restricted access and secure distribution; and large-scale software developers and service providers.


Amblit Technologies was spun out of MMC AD Systems (http://www.mmcad.com) in the Fall of 2000. MMC AD Systems is a small business and technology consulting company that has worked with Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. MMC AD Systems has also developed several commercial products over the years, but today concentrates on providing business and technical consulting services.

Amblit Technologies is privately held.


Amblit Technologies' first product, Amblit Navigator, was conceived in the Fall of 2000. Active product development started in the Spring of 2001. First Alpha release of some core components occurred in September 2001. The new user interface, based on containers, was released in July 2002. A limited commercial product release commenced in December 2002. Over the following several additional web and enterprise based products were developed. Over the past year, the company began work on the Amblit Easy Series programs, a set of low-cost, disposable programs for the consumer market.

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."
Microsoft Chairman
Bill Gates, 1981

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