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Amblit Technologies develops next generation productivity tools and programs for consumers, web developers and enterprise software architects using state-of-the-art man-machine interfaces and the latest in intelligent multi-agent software technologies.

This web site demonstrates some of these state-of-the-art technologies and product solutions, and provides a forum for technical discussions. In addition, some of the Amblit products may be purchased through this site.

Amblit's products and technologies are divided into three categories. Consumer Products and technologies are targeted at the general, beginning or expert computer user. These users may operate individually or in small groups. Web Products and technologies are targeted at the web designer/developer and are intended to make web sites richer and more interactive for the general web site visitor. Enterprise Products and technologies are targeted at the enterprise software architect/developer are intended to substantially reduce the cost of large, complex system development, and greatly increase the re-use of existing software between disparate applications.

Consumer Products

Whether you'd like to improve your overall productivity, decrease the amount of time you spend with your computer, or make your computer a more powerful assistant to you, one or more of our consumer products may be what you are looking for. All of our products will make your experience more enjoyable and valuable. To help you with your purchasing decisions, in addition to online feature descriptions, screen shots and demonstration videos, all of our consumer products are available for a full featured, thirty (30) day trial. For more information about our consumer products, click here. The following is a brief description of our current product lineup.

Amblit Easy Navigator™ is an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool that helps you organize access to your programs, files, web sites, individual web pages and personal notes the way you want. Through a simple point and click, drag and drop interface easily access and manage the access to all of your important computer, network and internet based information.

Amblit Navigator is an intelligent semantic browser. It is the next generation information and Internet browser with an intelligent semantic agent and an integrated content manager. Through its simple, robust interface, you can get information faster, easier and more securely without needing to know where it is.

Web Products

If you are a web site designer or developer, our web based products are for you. If you want to make your web site(s) more interactive, engaging and entertaining for visitors, prospects and customers, then one or more of our products will give you that added dimension. Our products work with any size site, and are intended to decrease the time and cost to develop and support your site, while improving your overall customer/visitor satisfaction. In addition, you will know and be better positioned to satisfy their needs and wants.

Enterprise Products

There are many different methods for creating, extending and supporting enterprise products. How do you create solutions that are both flexible and cost effective to install and support and that can meet evolving customer requirements and desires? Amblit Technologies solutions use collections of reconfigurable, reuseable software agents that automatically configure themselves to meet current user needs. They are also more easily adapted to changing user requirements.

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